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Korean Beef Udon Noodles

A scrumptious bowl is full of portobello mushrooms, sliced beef sirloin, udon noodles, green onions, grated carrots, ginger, and a yummy Korean pork sauce. you can enjoy a weekend picnic in a public garden with your family

Korean Beef Udon Noodles

Korean Beef Udon Noodles


Korean Beef Sauce
½ cup of soy sauce

¼ cup sesame oil

2 clove garlic, chopped

1-inch ginger, chopped

1 tsp brown sugar

Korean Beef Udon Noodles
1 squirt of oil

½ lb(s) sirloin beef, sliced

1 portobello mushroom (or 1/2 of a large one), sliced

1 pkg udon noodles

¾ cup Korean Beef Sauce

½ carrot, grated

2 Tbsp green onion, chopped


Korean Beef Sauce
1. Combine all ingredients and whisk.

Korean Beef Udon Noodles
1. Place a wok on medium heat. Use 1 squirt of oil and add beef and mushrooms until browned.

2. Add Korean beef sauce and noodles. Stir until noodles are softened.

3. Add the carrot and simmer for approximately 1 minute.

4. Pour noodles into a ceramic bowl and garnish with green onions.

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